2016 Widows Link Cruise

Nothing quite compares to the sound of water crashing against the side of the boat, the smell of fresh ocean water and no land in sight.  Looking across the water while having quiet time with Jesus, all the work Marlene and her team put into this event made it all worth it.  There is something about a retreat, a break from daily life, which allows each of us to refresh and renew.  That is one of the many benefits of this annual retreat. 

 “It wasn’t the ship or the port,” wrote one of the widows. “I had cruised to Nassau several times.  It was the kind spirit of people in our group that made this trip a blessing.”   Another widow wrote, “The Widows Cruise was wonderful.  Not only did I snorkel and ride a Segway, but I met some amazing ladies.  Marlene reminded us we’re on a journey but we must trust God because He still has a plan for each of us.  We’re still alive.” 


Cruises are one of the most beautiful get-a-ways we have been able to enjoy.  In November of 2016, Widows Link took 16 people, from 3 different states, on the annual Widows Link Cruise.  This is one of the highlights of the entire year within our ministry.  This serves as an opportunity to connect with others in one of the most relaxed places on the planet.  Every evening included gourmet meals.  This time together fostered relaxation and deep connection with others who have experienced the same pain you have.


Sherry, a widow in her 50’s, lost her husband just 2 years ago.  She wrote, “Sharing this cruise with so many special people will be a memory I will hold dear to my heart.  Knowing that we all share not one, but two special men in our lives is a bond that will keep us truly connected.  First, Jesus for being the Savior of our soul and our husband for being the keeper of our hearts.  Thank you Widows Link for making this possible.” 


The highlight of the entire trip for Marlene was seeing the joy in the widows faces as they stepped out of their comfort zones and participated in things they have never before done in their lives, such as sailing, swimming with stingrays, and riding a Segway around a Caribbean island.

 “I never thought I would have the opportunity to do these things” commented one widow during one day in the Bahamas.  Marlene dreamed this idea up several years ago to help people experience a new joy after experiencing so much pain.  This annual get-a-way is an incredible opportunity for widows and a highlight of our ministry's year.




Marlene Craft