New Beginnings...Again

The memories of the sights and sounds of the auditorium in Springfield, Missouri still feel fresh.  It was there, at the AG Missions “GO! Conference” 2 years ago, Marlene’s journey of itineration began.  There have been many milestones along the way but this conference is one of special significance.  It was here the itineration process begun.  This week, this is where the newest chapter of Widows Link begins, at the 2017 Go! Conference.  

This week, Marlene will be commissioned as a fully-appointed US Missionary to Widows within the Assemblies of God.  This journey has had ups and downs, long days and even longer nights.  Driving the back roads of Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Florida, and many other states, has been an adventure since day one.  This week will be a week to remember because this is the week all the visions and dreams which began 2 years prior, become a reality.  

2 years of phone calls, prayer sessions, speaking engagements and more have lead to this week.  It is only because of our Heavenly Father and your support this dream has become a reality.  As Marlene Craft stands, commissioned as a full-time missionary, it is your prayers, your financial promises, and your encouragement behind her that has allowed this to happen. You will be standing right behind Marlene as she begins this newest chapter.  

However, this is only the beginning.  We are already in the process of speaking with publishers as well as continuing our writing of our Quick Start Guide to enable you to begin the widows ministry in your local community they deeply need and desire.  This is the beginning and renewed focus and tenacity in chasing everything God has placed in Marlene’s heart, the heart behind James 1:27.  We are excited to partner with each one of you as we begin the season of great work and vision fulfillment.  

Please continue to lift each person who is working with Widows Link up in your prayers. There are people working behind the scenes no one will ever meet but this day could not happened without each of one those people playing their part all over this country.  So thank you to you as well.  Also, please remember that it is only through your financial support and faith promises that Widows Link can continue on into this great future God has laid before us.  We are humbled and grateful for your faith promise and financial support.  We will continue to be the best stewards of the resources God has entrusted into our keeping.  

Celebrate with us this week as we begin the newest chapter in the history of Widows Link the the history of the Assemblies of God.  

Marlene Craft