2018 Widows Cruise Highlights

The 2018 Widows Link Cruise was a life-changing event for ladies from across the country.  Ladies drove, flew, caravanned into the port of New Orleans this past November for 6 days of  connection, discovery and empowerment.  We had a record number of ladies who joined us this year, with at least half never stepping onto a cruise boat before. This was a risk for some, an adventure for all.  There were laughs, tears, and fun all over the boat and in Mexico!

As fun as the ship, bingo, and all the food was, the highlight of the trip for us was watching the transformation God was doing in the lives of these       widows.  It began like many other events such as this, with the unknown. Most of the ladies knew no one else on the boat. By the weeks end, there were friendship made that will last for many years to come.  Lives were  impacted with the love of Jesus.  Widows discovered they are not alone, and God still has a purpose for their lives. We watched as ladies were asking  around, making sure everyone had someone to go ashore with. There were as many as 18 ladies who headed off into Mexico  together. 

That is what this cruise is all about..

Some may ask, “Why a cruise?”  Widows have a void of someone to share life with, someone serving them, and experiencing intimacy.  This cruise each year offers an experience to fill many of the voids. During the cruise they are treated like royalty by the staff.  Our times together builds intimacy with other ladies who are the only people on the planet who can identify with their struggles. For many, this cruise is a new beginning.


God used our time together to bring healing to some who have spent the past decade in pain.  The Spirit brought some ladies out of their shell they had never previously even tried to escape.  For one widow, this was her first vacation in over 20 years. No words, no amount of money, no newsletter can be so effective in sharing the Love of Jesus with these widows like this cruise can each year.  We wanted to leave you with two short testimonies from widows on the cruise.


“I will always have the fond memory of us going snorkeling and riding the wave runner, I’m  very glad that Cindy mentioned it to me, and I got to tell Denise...We all enjoyed it very much!!  So many good things, such sweet ladies...very thankful for you all.”

“God did amazing things!!  ...They (sisters who were on the cruise together) both said they got SO MUCH MORE than they were expecting.  God really blessed them in ways they were not expecting at all.  They didn’t know what they were really signing up for!  Isn’t that amazing-just like our God!  His is so good.”


Marlene Craft